3 Big Events coming up!

The next three weeks are packed with some very fun events with big opportunities for impact.

  • Saturday Mar 1st. I’ll be leading the Ways of the Alongsider Clinicshapeimage_4 for Maranatha Bible Church. They have fifty folks coming out to learn how to sharpen their disciple-making skills. Jim Creed and Cathy Hogan have been pulling folks into the day. Our prayer is that they each start investing in one other person.
  • Mar 6-8. The Navigators are hosting the African American Congress on Discipleship in Cleveland. Pastors and collegiate students will be joining us for the days together. We will help each one learn new steps discipling others and how to do it in the church & college contexts. My prayer is that a few of the pastors I’m connected with join us.
  • Mar 12. St Paul’s Episcopal is running Alpha in two weeks. We had a rich experience this past fall. Now we’d like those who’ve attended to draw in a few others. It is a super video series for those who have questions about the Christian faith …and it’s a lot of fun together.
  • Ok here’s a fourth event. …April 12th I’m running a Ways of the Alongsider Clinic that is open to the public. We’ll be at LifeStyles in Green. More details to come soon.