Equipping transforming coaches

How do you tap someone’s deepest motivations? How can you best help someone take


Kirk Thomsen leading one of our sessions from The Deep Dive. Six different churches were represented that day. All went home considering how the can coach instead of tell.

smart steps ahead?

These answers were revealed in our coaching workshop called The Deep Dive.

Coaching is an often used word in the world of leadership and business. Some use it as a synonym for mentoring. Others use it in the sense of someone needing readjustment.

In our Deep Dive we spoke of it this way, “Coaches are change experts who help leaders take responsibility and act to maximize their own potential.” *

So our day involved helped the folks gathered to understand these different patterns for helping. We worked on our listening skills, our skill in asking questions and how to allow others to talk. By the end of the day we were pulling all these skills together in what we call the coaching conversation. It starts with someone’s current reality and helps them achieve a path for their intended future. Sounds simple, but it is so hard and even awkward we begin to practice these skills.

I knew the group was connecting when one of our question and answer session kept going on and on. Everyone had great insights and thoughts about what they were learning! That’s great fun when you’re leading it.

Here’s a few comments from three pastors:

Deep Dive really helped our team go to the next level in helping people move forward in their thinking and their lives. I’m grateful for the tools it has given us to offer more competent coaching. – Joe Hunt, Compass North
The deep dive session led by Dane Allphin was very help. It helped me think about how to encourage some of the folks at Hillside Church. It also helped my relationship with the other folks from Hillside deepen. Definitely worth the time spent. – Randy Nickel, Hillside Church
The Deep Dive Coaching Seminar was one of the best leadership seminars I have attended. Not only did I walk away with practical tools necessary to be a better coach and lead other to do the same, I also discovered some new insights into my giftedness as a leader. – Sean Homan, Freshwater Community Church

*Joseph Umidi, quoted by Tony Stoltzfus in Leadership Coaching