Good things in 2018

December ended with a bunch of opportunities to serve. There were four workshops in a week and a trip to meet with our national directors. I was out of breath.

As the month closed I had a conversation with Pastor Bob Quaintance. He has been wanting to reinitiate some disciplemaking practices in his church. He also, has been contacted by another church about our process. As we talked, we were playing with these two ideas. What Bob is considering is being a hub church for disciplemaking in his city and his denomination. We were both excited about the idea. Bob and I will talk again after the new year to see how God opens doors for our little idea.  2018 could be fun!

This idea of having a church serve as disciplemaking catalyst for other churches is one that we have been praying in our region for a number of years. For me this is my first one to see unfold.

My friend Pastor Amjad has been leading this way since we first started his discipleship process. When we began he quickly pulled in Pastor Ken. In our third year he has invited other community lay leaders from around Shelton, CT.

I’m now praying for two other possible locations. I’ll be touching base with pastors from Akron and from Ashland. This hub church strategy could be a way to influence larger portions of a city.

The second good thing is our upcoming Navigators Church Ministries national conference. Our regional has been asked to direct it. We will have all the details of coordinating rooms, website, themes, workshops and keynotes speakers. There is lots to do for our November conference.

What makes this a great event is that it gives our region a big project to work together on. All fall we talked about teamwork. Now we have the project that can help us practice it. This being my first year as the Regional Leader I’ve known that I needed a way to pull our team together around one task. I think we have found it.

I’ll be intrigued how these two work themselves out in 2018.


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