Meditation insight from Shelton

This morning I was leading a monthly video conference with two churches in Shelton, CT. We were focusing on the seventh chapter in The Ways of the Alongsider. The question we proposed was, “How do we love and live the Scriptures?”

Hand Illustration.jpgDawson Trotman years ago used the hand illustration to teach how we incorporate the Word into our lives. See the attached document. There’s five ways to do it. One for each finger of our hand. The idea is to work at each of these to more fully engaged with God’s thoughts.

Meditation is one that for many of us is underused. We think of sitting down cross-legged and humming. :^) Pastor Ken today had the best comment on meditation this morning. Ken quoted Rick Warren, “If you know how to worry you can meditate.” Wow most already can do it. A part of the human experience is to worry.

Which finger do you do well at? Is there and underdeveloped digit in your life? Jump into it today. I’d love to hear your best ways of doing each: Hear, Read, Study, Memorize & Meditate.