More of the Story, part 3

This is more from my series of posts following up my newsletter. I couldn’t put all the comments the guys wrote in my Christmas letter, so I thought I’d give the rest of the story here.

Karl, Mike, Aaron and I meet on Saturday for an hour or two …or sometimes three. The focus is how we can propel each other spiritually to greater commitment to Christ. Our mode is bringing our Fresh Bread when we meet. God gave Israel fresh bread every morning in the form of manna. We are pushing ourselves to receive fresh discoveries from the Word and then pass that on to each other.

Here’s Karl’s rest of the story.

kussowMy three friends and I have been meeting off and on for several years now. This fellowship has developed into one of the stabilizing elements in an otherwise chaotic life. Different from other bible study groups I’d participated and lead, this group has always been dedicated to preparing each of us for action. When we started we were very focused on developing the skills needed to teach and lead the small group bible fellowship that we were responsible for that meets at our church after the service each week. Dane has always been the driving force behind our fellowship.  He’s taken the initiative to organize our study and get us motivated.  From the characteristics of a disciple, to memorization, to volunteer service, and daily reading and prayer, he’s always been able to keep gently moving us forward.  I’m embarrassed to say that without him, our group would meet less and be much more of a purely social gathering.  But, he’s kept us rolling with the navigator’s wheel, focusing on developing our character, skills, and habits so that we are continually, noticeably, drawing closer in relationship to God individually and in our ability to reflect his love onto the people we encounter in our lives. For people that are wondering if being part of a small group is worth the time, I’d say that without it, you are wasting time; missing the fan that gives air to the fire that God started with the match of his spirit in each of us. Join a small group this week and feel what I mean.  As you grow, you will feel the positive impact in every aspect of your life.


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