More of the Story, part 4

This is the last of the unedited comments from my Christmas update. Life Coaching is a big part of what how I want to accomplish my ministry. Coaching is different from mentoring because in coaching you allow the client to set the agenda and what they want to accomplish. It taps people’s natural commitment to follow through on their ideas. Coaching is different than counseling because in coaching you are looking to the future. You want to help folks maximize their gifts and resources for greater impact.

Here’s Pastor Eric Riesen’s full comments from the newsletter.

“Life Coaching is an opportunity to prayerfully consider life and ministry. That promotes healthy clergy and therefore healthy congregations. I wish I would have had this life coaching years ago. It has challenged me and propelled me to live purposely.”

Pastor Eric

Eric is finishing up the Life Coaching process. It is a year of focusing on who we are and what we want to be. The process included understanding ourselves through the DiSC profile. We then move on the seven life accounts. In this step they complete a Bible study on each life account. Then the coachee will put together a vision statement for each life account and of course some action steps. The rest of the year focuses on putting together an overall vision statement and implementing the strategy for that statement. We call it the Core Four. Core 4 illustration

Pray for me as I am taking three pastors through the life coaching process. Pray they work hard at the assignments, that they impacted by their time of thinking and that they make bold changes in their lives to maximize their gifts.

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