My Ten Year Mission

I’m excited to consider what could be done in the next ten years. As I’ve moved through my first years with The Navigators I’ve learned even more what I am to do.

At first, I was learning new skills of the ministry. It then moved to understanding what are the building blocks of my calling to the Navigators Church Ministry. This last year it clarified further by considering what I can set myself to do in the next ten years.

The first building block is our Life and Leadership Coaching. This is a year long process

Core Four

that helps a coachee excel in their personal life and their vocation. It is sort of like Steven Covey based on the Christian faith. Through asking questions the coachee can begin to understand where they are at and how they can get to where they want to go.

Does it work? Yes! One pastor has loved the experience so much that asked me to lead his associate through it and now he had me start with his youth pastor. His comment a number of times has been, “I wish I had this coaching when I first started out in ministry! It would have saved me so many times.”

The second building block is our three year Growing Intentional Disciplemaking Cultures. We focus on a different group in each year. The first year we work with a small core team to GiDC-Overviewgain discipleship and disciplemaking skills and understanding. As this team makes personal gains the move into the second year where we begin to build a unified discipleship culture. We work on how they can have shared language, values and vision for disciplemaking. So if you poked the average guy in the pew they’d be able explain what a disciple is and how to go about making one. The final year the church begins to reach outside the walls of the church with the gospel.

I’m thrilled to have eight churches working through the GiDC right now. Two of my churches will finish our three year process. It has been a joyful journey, but each knows the work has just begun. Pastor Bob has said, “We are just beginning to implement these principles. Our core team is starting to lead discipleship triads. My hope is two or three years from now we triple the size of our core team and start seeing the Lord change them and change our church.”

In 10 years I am trusting the Lord that I could take 50 men through Life Coaching & take 35 churches through our GiDC process. 

See my Prezi explaining how I got to this point.