Nav enews August ’14: New Levels

This year has seen big increase in the scope of the ministry. What I have seen this year is growth in a whole new area. My first years on staff were focused on individual pastors. I’ve assisted them as they strengthened their disciplemaking skills. They’ve taken new steps to excel in the Great Commission.
Where it has changed is that now I am being invited into churches to affect the whole congregation. The Navigators has a three-year process that strengthens pastors and church leaders. Through coaching, mentoring, training and Bible studies, we equip them to make disciples.
15d380d33e70ae5758c3c312d4e7c138Pastor Bob Quaintance of Zion Lutheran Church has started the process with us. Below is his experience.
When I came to Good Hope over 22 years ago, we developed a mission statement that begins, “God calls the people of Good Hope Lutheran Church to be his disciples….” Through the years, we have talked about what it looks like to be disciples. We talked about the habits members ought to do to live as disciples. We had a vision for discipleship and an intention to focus on it, but we never seemed to get discipleship into the DNA of our congregation’s culture – we lacked the means to really bring it about, and that’s been frustrating. Partnering with The Navigators in personal and professional coaching and beginning to work in the IDC (Intentional Disciplemaking Church) process has given us the means we needed to begin to make our vision a reality. 
Working with Dane Allphin and the rest of the team, has caused me as pastor to take specific and significant steps in developing my own personal discipleship and professional leadership. I was overly focused on responsibilities. Now I am recovering the relational component of ministry. I’ve only been at this for nine months, but I’m already seeing significant benefits.
In the past, we talked about being disciples encouraging members to do more of what disciples ought to do. A shift is beginning to take place in our mindset. We are looking more toward transformation than education. We are beginning to look at our role as walking alongside someone who is an apprentice rather than standing in front of a person who is a student. Our vision for “being disciples” is being transformed into “being disciple-makers,” which is, actually, what Jesus called us to do and how we are to live as disciples. To me these seem to be significant steps that will change the culture and DNA of our congregation. The materials provided, and your coaching through them, are providing the means for me and our Leadership Team to help Good Hope become the church God has been calling us to be over these last twenty years. 
It has taken us a long time, but I guess it’s like planting a tree. The best day to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the second best day is today! I have found this process to be challenging and rewarding. Thank you, Dane, for coming alongside me and Good Hope.

I count it a privilege to walk with Bob. We are excited to see where the Lord is leading his congregation in this three year processI recently started my third church last week, Trinity Baptist in Mentor. What amazes me is that by this fall, I believe I’ll be involved in five congregations. The Lord has opened large doors for significant investment in the lives of people and their churches. Bring on the fall!