Next Steps in Coaching

Coaching helps develop leaders, helps folks take action, helps people think well about their life. I’ve personally benefitted and have thoroughly enjoyed watching my clients take bold new steps.

Here’s a few ways The Navs can help you learn how to help others more deeply through the coach approach.

  1. Learn the Coaching Conversation basics. In a half hour we can explain to you some quick start insights to help you take a first step.
  2. Attend a Deep Dive workshop. This four hour workshop will augment what you’ve learned with the coaching conversation. You’ll practice these skills with others and strengthen your coaching.
  3. Be coached in our Core Four process. This year long coaching relationship will help you personally. You’ll take the DiSC personality profile. You’ll put together your personal vision statement. Twenty-six coaching calls will enhance your life and leadership.

Contact me for more information.