Why lead a Coaching Seminar

I am gearing up for our Coaching Seminar called The Deep Dive. I am sold on the coach

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Click on the link below to find out more about The Deep Dive Seminar. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-deep-dive-coaching-seminar-tickets-38117257744

approach to leadership. Some of it is because of what I’ve learned. Some because I’ve seen the effect in others. It can be transformative. That’s why I’m running The Deep Dive this October 28th.

Here’s one story..

A pastor I had been coaching was enjoying the process saying, “I wish I had this kind of help 30 years ago when I started in ministry.” He had said that a few times over a number of months, when he told me, “I want you to coach my young associate too.” After a year of coaching that associate the pastor said, “Would you coach our youth director?” Six months after that this senior pastor was taking a call to another church. If anytime he could have easily moved on from coaching it would be at this point. Yet he told me, “Would you continue coaching me during my first year at the new church? I’m going to need another voice, an outside voice to help me think smartly.” I’m grateful to help my friend that way.

Join us on the 28th. You’ll gain leadership skills in listening, asking questions and helping people move towards their deepest desires and dreams.

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